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Greece is a popular holiday destination

Greece for years is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Dutch and Belgian tourists. Annually fly about half a million Dutch and some three hundred thousand Belgians to Greece. Destination is in most cases the sunny Greek islands. All the ingredients for a good holiday in the sun are present in Hellas, as the Greeks also like to call their country. Sun, beaches, many kilometers of coastline, great cuisine and an illustrious history make the country so popular as a holiday destination. The Greeks know their charms tourists give an excellent holiday feeling, which most visitors to Greece to go back several times to Greece. Greece is seen as a prosperous country that thrives on tourism. However, they often forget that a high proportion of revenues to the foreign tour operators and that Greeks have to work long and hard to get around. Greece has a lot of different faces, what Greece is interesting for a variety of audiences. Greece is interesting for several kinds of holidays such as: hiking, golf vacation, sailing, cycling, culinary travel, honeymoon, beach vacation, summer holiday, holiday party, sophisticated holiday, cultural holiday, family holiday. More tourist information about Greece can be found here:

History of Greece

The first civilizations arose in Greece about six thousand years ago. Greek civilizations in the ancient world were thus among the first civilizations of the world. Not the first, because that was the Sumerian civilization that arose in the area today to find the Southeast of Iraq around 4500 BC. The ancient Greek civilizations form the basis of a number of elements that we now find in our society, such as theater, philosophy and democracy. The ancient Greeks had a strong connection with nature. Greek gods are therefore based on natural forces, such as the Sea Poseidon and Apollo in the sunlight. The heyday knew the Greek civilization in the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Many contemporary sciences have their origin in this period, in which philosophers like Plato, Socrates and Aristotle were the founders of philosophies, ideas and science.

After the death of Alexander the Great, who is seen as the curator of Greek culture, there arose periods in which there are multiple people in vain or labored successfully to Greek territory. Over the centuries, modern Greece has also had several rulers, beginning with the Romans (146 BC to 395 AD). Greece then became part of the Byzantine Empire, which lasted over a thousand years, until the Turks conquered Greece. Turkish rule lasted from 1456 to 1830. The Greek War of Independence broke out ultimately ensured the liberation in 1821. With the help of Russia, England and France in 1830, Greece became an independent country. Greece has since successively monarchy, republic and monarchy again been until finally in 1974, Greece became the republic that we know today. In 1981, Greece joined the European Union.

Delicious food in Greece

Greek cuisine is a very diverse Mediterranean cuisine, which clearly shows kinship with other Mediterranean cuisines and dishes you find in other Balkan countries. Greek cuisine is as less sophisticated than the Italian, but maybe they’re seen it all wrong there. Greek cuisine is known for example to the fact that one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. The Greek cuisine is based on pure ingredients that are often made very tasteful combinations. Who thinks of Greek food in plates full of meat such as gyros and souvlaki which is mainly the image of the Greek restaurants in the Netherlands itself. Gyros because you hardly find in a good restaurant in Greece. Grilled and chopped meat is seen as a kind of fast food there.

If you’re talking about meat Greek style, you mostly have over larger pieces of meat (lamb, whole chickens) or kebabs cooked on the grill. Also oven dishes like moussaka and stews like Stifado his name really Greek. Generally, you see that there is mainly inland eaten meat, while along the coast, the emphasis is often little more fish. Fish like meat often prepared on the grill or in the oven.

Ingredients you in Greek cuisine alongside meat and chicken are used frequently are tomatoes, onions, olive oil, honey, cheese (feta), rice, potatoes, almonds, walnuts, eggplant, wine and herbs. Healthy and delicious is the Greek salad. Salads of all, it is our personal favorite.

Villa Sophia, a luxury holiday in Lefkas – Greece

When you are looking for a luxury holiday in Greece Villa Sophia perfect. The villa is located on the island of Lefkas and is built in the style and color of the island of Lefkas and rises majestically from the hills with a panorama view over the sea and other islands. Large outdoor terraces with a private pool give it an allure for a perfect holiday in Greece.

For more information on the rental potential of the villa please feel free to contact us.

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