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The most beautiful beaches of Lefkas – Greece

The east coast of the island has many pebble beaches. For many Dutch is a beach just a beach when it is covered with white sand. Still, many prefer pebble beaches because they are less hot . Often reach the woods here to the beach . The west side of Lefkas late contrast again see a very different picture . Here rise the rocks in many places steep, but in between , you will find vast sandy beaches with beautiful clear water. Below are some beaches that you should not forget to visit during your stay at Villa Sophia on Lefkada.

Porto Katsiki

The topper of all beaches is undoubtedly Porto Katsiki . This beach has rightly won the first prize for the most beautiful and cleanest beach in Greece. The beach is completely surrounded by an almost perpendicular , breathtakingly high cliff.


From Agios Nikítas – leads a difficult passable path to peaceful Mili . Easier it is to move from the cozy beach of Agios Nikitas also by water taxi to the beach.


Sixteen kilometers southwest of the capital is Kathisma -beach . It is a broad and extensive coarse sandy beach with some taverns and cafes.


Just north of Porto Katsiki the coarse sandy beaches of Egremni . The white chalk cliffs and the green of the pines stabbing here against the turquoise water.


Near the town of Lefkas is the peaceful Gira beach. This white beach is miles long and very popular with the locals.


From, it is located in the extreme south, Vassiliki, go several water taxis to the beautiful bay of Agiofili. The water here is crystal clear and the rocks in the water make the water look more spectacular. The beach here consists of pebbles.

Strand Egremni in Lefkas


This beach is located on the south east side of the island and is located in a beautiful bay. This pebble beach is fairly quiet while water sports and several tavernas can be found. Also this beach is popular with among other snorkelers.


On the east coast of the island lies the small bay of Nikiána. At about eight kilometers south of the town of Lefkas. It is a narrow pebble beach with clear water for snorkeling and therefore also very suitable.


On the west coast is the beautiful beach Pefkoulia. Here crosses the green of the pines with the turquoise waters of the sea. This long sandy beach lends itself protrude to create a walk.


In a beautiful bay is the pebble beach Amousa. Here you can relax in a quiet environment. You can also look good snorkeling.


An elongated narrow pebble beach with several water sports. Here you can find excellent snorkeling in the calm sea.


Small bay which is especially popular with sailors. But also for snorkelers this is a great place!


Lygiá has small pebble beaches where trees provide the necessary cooling.

Strandweer in Lefkas?

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