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Shopping in Lefkada, or: Lefkas town

Most places on Lefkada have shops with traditional products. For a more real shopping experience the best and most Lefkasstad Nidri can be visited.

Lefkada has a long pedestrian shopping street which starts at the beach and ends in the center . This street has a number of typical Greek , idyllic narrow side streets. There are shops of all kinds of small business with local stuff to the more trendy shops with perfumes, fashion, shoes , sports goods, leather , jewelry and all kinds of handmade art objects. Of course there is a lot of opportunity for shopping here

Central to the shopping area is the square where Greek families usually meet to enjoy together in a typical Greek atmosphere.

Shopping in Preveza

This place is often mentioned in the same breath with the presence of the airport ‘Aktion’ and further does not get the attention it deserves. The range from Lefkada is since years has become easier because of the presence of a tunnel.

Parking the car is usually done on one of the large parking lots that give direct access to the promenade or boardwalk. It is obvious to follow along the waterfront promenade and admire the many restored classical buildings. The many terraces flanking the boulevard and it is certainly tempting here to make part of it.

Almost invisible from the boulevard squirm just behind 10s Greek narrow old streets through the mall. Old and new shops off loose each other, always in style and atmosphere that you experience as time has stood still here. “

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