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Windsurfing on Lefkas

Lefkas is a paradise for windsurfers. The beach of Vasiliki is considered one of the ten best beaches in the world for windsurfing and the three best in Europe. Along with the beach of Ai Giannis fulfills almost all needs of surf fanatics.

The Ionian Sea is refreshed in the summer by thermal winds (mistral). Together with the morphology of the region makes it statistically very good for mistral winds that allow surfers to do new tricks and maneuvers. Every afternoon, around the same time, sticking to these two beaches a mistral wind, which constantly swells until late afternoon. Vasiliki phenomenon is really impressive.

In a closed bay that morning is ideal for learning the sport to beginners because there are no waves and the sea is quite shallow, turn the wind, which is called by the surfers “Eric” and the sea, which was quiet until then, suddenly white, what everyone the signal to begin the fight against the waves. Statistics on the beach is impressive: Apr – 15 days per month, june – 20 days per month, July 25, august – 20 september – 15 days per month.

The wind speed varies from 4 to 5 bft. to 6-7 and in very good days to 8 bft. Vasiliki is a surf spot which is ideal for those who want to practice in the slalom and freestyle with side shore conditions. The existence of numerous windsurfing schools and specialized sports shops, makes it easy for anyone who wants to try the sport or who want to improve it.

On the north side of the island and close to the town of Lefkada is the beach of Ai Giannis with similar statistics but other water conditions. The fans of the wave will find an ideal beach to try out new tricks. The waves where surfers are dealing with here get, guarantee great sensations. Finally, we would, for all those who Lefkada not only associates with the summer holidays, stress that here in the winter, thanks to the good climate, has great opportunities to surf well.

For the windsurfing festival in Vasiliki you will find information on the website:

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