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Sailing and stay at Villa Sophia

Search for the best of two worlds. More and more questions are asked by Greece lovers to combine a sailing holiday with a stay in a holiday home. Quite understandable. One week sailing on a catamaran or yacht, possibly in a flotilla is accompanied by stress, hustle, unexpected situations, intimacy, changing weather conditions etc. What is it then love being with the same company to process these experiences in a totally different context. The reverse has all the features to make it a memorable holiday. Delving into the ports to a catamaran or yacht you already stimulates imagination, hearing the stories in the restaurants that make you impatient, are the main ingredients in the BBQ by the pool in a romantic and comfortable setting.

The island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea provides an excellent base for a unique stay, as well as the departure point of the catamaran or yacht from one of the attractive natural bays. Lefkada is one of the seven islands of the Ionian Sea, no mass tourism has already places Nidri, Lefkada popular with tourists country. The ports of Nidri, Lefkada and Sivota are included in the series of flotilla ports. The village of Agios Nikitas is worth visiting to be immersed in a picturesque Greek romantic atmosphere.

The beaches usually have an elongated shape and are usually very quiet. The beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremni are among the finest in Europe. With a little searching, there are several smaller beaches that offer a private beach. This confrontation with the almost become rare romance is only a small part of the overall charming island feeling with the authentic Greek atmosphere in the villages, the restaurants, the population etc. Other islands in the Ionian Sea include Corfu, Ithaca, Keffalonia, Zakynthos, all islands with that typical Greek character that stays long in the memory.

To get to know the jewels in these islands, offers a fantastic opportunity to sailboat sailing hopping between the islands.

Lefkada is an island of contrasts, from the bustling tourist town of Nidri to the small traditional villages and the rolling east coast to the sandy beaches on the west coast surrounded by steep cliffs. In several small and picturesque fishing villages , you will find many restaurants where you can enjoy the typical Greek dishes. Lefkada is characterized by gentle bays with crystal clear blue sea. The sea off the coast of Nidri is dotted with many sailing boats and beautiful small islands such as Blank , Skorpios, Skorpidi , Meganissi and Madouri .

Just outside the capital town of Lefkas is the fortress of Agia Mavra . From the 14th century, this fort protected the city as a vigilant guard against attacks , for example, pirates and the Turks. Lefkas town also has two small museums . These are the folk museum and the phonograph museum. West of the town of Lefkas is the nunnery Faneromeni , where you have a beautiful view of the city and the mainland.

On Lefkas are beautiful ( mountain ) to take walks . Both along the coast and through the mountainous interior are endless possibilities. To the south lies the small fishing village of Vassiliki , famous for its good windsurfing. Sivota Bay in the south is visited daily by 10s sailboats, where the evening a parade of sailors looking for the best fish restaurants on the island. The freshly caught fish is usually grilled on charcoal and features that unique spicy flavor. It is no coincidence that there is a regular loud laughter echoes through the bay, as a result of the most “strong” sea stories.

For more information on the combination of a Luxury villa residence and sailing , possibly with a flotilla or catamaran , please contact us

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