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Weather of Lefkas

Lefkas is to the west of Greece, south of Corfu island. Weather and climate are mainly influenced by the sea around the island, but also by the mountains on the mainland of Greece. In the winter months provide winds from the northeast for colder days and nights. Freezing or snowing’ll hardly there.

Lefkada has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average daytime temperature in Lefkas averages in July 31 ° C and in January averaging 14 ° C. The annual average temperature is 17 ° C. In spring and autumn evenings can be chilly.

Precipitation on Lefkada averages 750 mm per year spread over 100 rainy days. Most rain falls in the months of December to February, the least rain in the months of June to August. The average number of hours of sunshine is 2650 hours per year, with the summer months 11 to 12 hours of sunshine per day.

The largest part of the year, blowing an easterly wind from mainland Greece on Lefkada. In August there is a chance the ‘maestros’, a northern gale, and the ‘Sirocco’, a warm wind from the southeast.

Zonsondergang vanuit Villa Sophia


Daytime temperatures can even be soft in the months of December and January between 12 and 15 degrees. From March, the days are longer and the temperature rises during the day. In April, it can be nice with a daytime temperature of 20 degrees. The months of May and June because of the weather the best travel months. The island is hardly filled with tourists and the temperature both day and night enjoyable. Precipitation occurs during these months still, but the island is green and in bloom and it is the ideal travel time to explore the island.

The summer months of July and August are often hot. By day it is between 27 and 32 degrees and at night it cools no further than 17 to 20 degrees. Rarely does the summer temperatures above 35 degrees the private pool of Villa Sophia and the Ionian Sea provide the necessary cooling. Until late in the evening it may remain above 30 degrees and you do not need long-sleeved clothing.

In September and the first half of October, the temperature is still very pleasant, with evenings to eat at the edge of the water. Between mid-October and mid-November the summer disappears from the sky, the rain take chances, and it can impressive storms.

A detailed forecast of Lefkas can be found on the website Weather Plaza.

Klimaat Lefkas, Griekenland

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