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Authentic and casual

Greece has about 3000 islands, of which less than 200 are inhabited. Most of them are located on the east side of Greece in the Aegean Sea. Crete is the largest and most famous island here. On the west side of Greece  lies the Ionian Sea with its 7 large islands. In the center of this archipelago lies the island of Lefkada, also known as Lefkas. The unique thing about this island is that it is connected to the mainland via a (boat) bridge.
Within the region of Lefkada, there are also several islands, most of which lie off the coast of the tourist town of Nidri. The island Scorpios is perhaps the best known, due to its connection with the Onassis family.

Lefkada distinguishes itself from other islands by its authentic Greek character. During a tour of the island you will pass charming Greek villages, each with their own unique culture. Lefkas covers an area of approximately 302 square kilometers, and various attractions are scattered throughout the island.

Learn more about what this beautiful island has to offer below. In addition, you will find 0p Lefkada Slow Guide  different routes for the unique Lefkada experience. 

Lefkada town

The capital of Lefkas, Lefkada Town, is definitely worth a visit. The long shopping street stretches from the beach to the center and offers both traditional and modern shops. Enjoy a day of shopping and strolling through the streets of Lefkada city.  Of course there are also cozy terraces and taverns between the shops. Along the promenade at the harbor you can enjoy the view of numerous sailing yachts while tasting local drinks and dishes. In the town there are 4 large supermarkets, as well as several banks and government services.


Food and drink

A holiday on Lefkada – Greece starts with good food. In the beautiful bay of Sivota are some authentic Greek restaurants. In addition to various fish restaurants, a large part of the dining options consists of Greek tavernas. Here you can enjoy typical Greek meals such as tzatziki, choriatiki, paidaika (lamb chops), Baklava, but of course also souvlaki and moussaka. Don't come too early, Greeks are used to eating after 9 pm. 


Did you know that Lefkada has its own wine culture?

The quality of the local wine is sometimes surprisingly good. A good example of this is the winery Lefkas Earth which operates a real vineyard and opens its doors to tourists as a kind of museum. This winery is a 10-minute drive from Sivota.


Syvota Bay

The natural bay of Sivota is located on the south side of the island, which is reached after a 2 km descent from the provincial road. Mass tourism has no hold on this charming fishing village. During the day it is wonderfully quiet and in the evening cozy full terraces. The combination with a beautiful view over the bay, the soft bazouki music, the rumbling of a fishing boat or sailing yacht, forces silence and encourages daydreaming. 

From Villa Sophia you can walk to the bay of Sivota. The walk to the bay takes about half an hour. On the left side against the hills some villas, on the right side the multicolored sea with the islands of Atokos, Kalomos, Arcoudi, Meganissi, Ithaka and Keffalonia and the bays of Sivota and Poros. 

Sivota is also an excellent base for further exploring the island of Lefkas. For all Greece enthusiasts, this is a true paradise. No, no hotels, no car parade, no high-rise buildings, no discotheques. Yes, the best fish restaurants and cozy bars, but comfortable luxury holiday villas an exuberant but pleasant atmosphere in the bay, but your table on the water, but the dancing lights in the evening light.

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The weather and climate are mainly influenced by the sea around the island, but also by the mountains on the mainland of Greece.

Lefkada has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average daytime temperature on Lefkas is an average of 31°C in July and an average of 14°C in January. The annual average temperature is 17°C. In the early and late season, the evenings can be chilly.

The summer months of July and August are often hot. During the day it is between 27 and 32 degrees and at night it does not cool down further than 17 to 20 degrees. If it gets too hot, you can take a fresh dive in the pool at  Villa Sophia

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  • Visit the small wine museum of Lefkas Earth and taste the wonderfully different flavors

  • Hike to the waterfall of Nidri

  • Join a 'day cruise' to one of the surrounding islands, or visit several islands and beautiful beaches in 1 day.

  • Rent a boat from Sivota Bay (Bakery Sivota), or for a longer period.

  • Discover Lefkada on horseback (from Vasiliki Nikos Farm)

In addition to the above activities, Lefkada has much more to offer.  Below are some tips from our guests:

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