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Sivota: the pearl of Greece

Afrikaner said Europeans have the clock, but we have the time. Sivota you experience exactly what he means. Sometimes it seems as if time has stood still and you will be stunned by the intense silence and a captivating beauty that confronts you unconscious with a peacefulness like there is no world problems (can).

The natural Sivota Bay is on the south side of the island, which is reached after a descent of 2 km from the main road. The country tourism has no control over this charming fishing village. It is quiet during the day. The terraces on the promenade offer themselves up for a cup of coffee with water, soft local wine and a healthy lunch with fresh salads. The combination with a sublime view over the bay, the soft bazouki music, fumbling on a fishing boat or yacht, silence enforces and encourages daydreaming. If a bolt penetrates compare themselves with our normal hectic life of congestion, stress, overtime and to forget as soon as possible this again. Life seems uncomplicated, just with a high degree of quality, even without a book, mobile phone and computer.

From above it is well to observe that Sivota is in the armpit of one of the southern bays, where winds and currents are ideal for mooring a yacht. Sivota is therefore also included in the series of flotilla ports.

In the late afternoon sail the yachts in the harbor to the morning to sail out of the way to a new adventure and the next port town on another island. This all happens almost silently in the sight from the porch of one of the villas. The sailors of the 10s moored boats make the evening a colorful parade in their quest for a place on one of the terraces to enjoy the delicious charcoal-grilled fish and other tasteful, mostly simple Greek authentic dishes.

For the tour operator, this is not interesting terrain, after all, has no volume. However, for individual Greece lover this is a real paradise. No, no hotels, no car parade, no high rises, no discos, no social apple. Yes, the best fish restaurants and bars, welcomfortabele luxury holiday villas with private pool, or an exuberant but pleasant mood in the bay ,, or your table by the water, but the dancing lights in the evening glow. What an intimacy and romance !! And that food, so primal, so much flavor.

From Villa Sophia It is lovely to walk around Sivota Bay. The walk to the bay takes about half an hour. On the left the hills several villas on the right side of the multicolored sea with islands Atokos, Kalomos, Arcoudi, Meganissi, Ithaca and Keffalonia and the bays of Sivota and Poros. The yachts sail silently in and out of the harbor. The tavern is waiting very patiently with gavros, greek salad, squid or octopus. Sorry, no satay.

Then again, the back 2 km walk, accompanied by the relentless sun and the ever matchless panorama. The dip in the private pool of Villa Sophia and the rest under the olive tree will do the rest, or rather nothing more.

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